What’s Hot and What’s Not this week…

Images courtesy of style.com

Studio 54

Maybe it’s the DVF exhibition, but we’re loving the disco inspired long sequinned gowns with thigh high slits. Playing drag has never been so fun!

Nude and neon
My colour combination for spring 2011. Besides how else can you make neon look chic?

Love magazine’s androgynous issue
Kate Moss certainly looks better on the cover than she did at the Longchamp opening…

Proenza Schouler bags
They are getting cooler each season especially the new multi-fabric styles.

Cropped button down shirts

Even if you have abs of steel, can’t you find a better way to show them off?

They belong in one place only – the bedroom! PS. Wearing a shirt underneath doesn’t fly either!

Full skirts
Contrary to popular belief, they do NOT hide buxom bums.

Fashion fatigue
If a 14 year old blogger is already bored with the industry, what hope do we have?

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