The Perfect Pump

The Hong Kong pump in (from top left clockwise) apricot patent, grey python, Bertrand blue and pale pink patent.

If you ask me who my favourite shoe designer is, I will unabashedly tell you that it’s British cobbler Rupert Sanderson. This may come as a shock as most people assume that every fashion editor loves Christian Louboutin. If I had to compare the two in fashion terms, I would  probably liken the difference to Balmain versus Hermes.  The Balmain/Louboutin woman is a serious fashionista and willing to try almost anything even if it means tottering around in seven inch platforms and distressed jeans.  A Sanderson woman on the otherhand doesn’t necessarily do trends and would rather buy an Hermes bag over Alexander Wang because of its amazing craftsmanship and the fact that it will last forever. Get it?

But I digress. Last week, I paid my bi-monthly visit to the store to look at the pre-fall collection while also checking out the new “Hong Kong” style made especially for the Asian market. The brainchild of my friend and Rupert Sanderson’s Asian partner Bertrand Mak, this style is a modified version of the brand’s best-selling Winona pump, which is a clasic court shoe with a 100mm heel. I own a few pairs of the Winona and find them very comfortable so was curious to see how the new version would fit.

Bertrand told me that the purpose behind this new style was to create a shoe that fit the narrow Asian foot while providing more support to the arch. I wasn’t convinced that the latest version would work on me as I have wide, square feet (attractive, I know!) but I was in for a surprise. Not only did they feel better but they looked better. The shape is much sexier and cut lower at the arch showing off more of the foot while the front is a little longer so my wide feet appeared slimmer (there is still plenty of toe cleavage for good measure).  My regular Winonas tend to put pressure on the balls of my feet, but this new pair was perfectly balanced. Apparently Sanderson’s Italian factory had to create a new last from start to finish, and I can see why. It really makes a difference.

Like all great classics, the Hong Kong comes in 12 colourways and fabrics including classic navy, beige, grey and burgundy patent along with summer-worthy shades of apricot, “Bertrand” blue and pale pink. I’m also loving the grey python and the black tejus which has a cool lizard skin effect. Get down to the shop and check them out as I guarantee this is a pump you will wear forever.

Prices range from HK$4,880 for patent styles to HK$7,280 for exotic skins. Available at Rupert Sanderson, 8 On Lan Street, Central, tel: 2530 3391.

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  1. melinda says:

    Hi D, Totally totally agree your Balmain vs Hermes analogy! Totally truly spot on! Luckily the heels of my Louboutins have not fall off yet (Ha ha!), but I guess I am ready to shift to Sanderson…!

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