What’s Hot and What’s Not this week…

1960s style mod dresses

Twiggy is the inspiration this autumn. Girls with ample chests beware though. 

Pointy toe shoes
Especially loafer styles as seen at Celine and Rupert Sanderson.

Victoria Beckham bags
Available at On Pedder and absolutely chic.

Silver accents
Accessories are given a futuristic look with metallic accents.

Balmain’s diffusion line

You couldn’t sell that stuff to me even if they were giving it away for free.

Nude leggings
Giving pasty legs a run for their money.  

Missoni for Target
Some of the prints are dodgy enough as it is, so plastering them on cheap fabric is not advisable.

Cobweb crochet
Getting tangled in a web of fashion faux pas.

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