What’s Hot and What’s Not this week…

A midi-skirt

It may sounds boring, but it’s the style to own. Spice it up by choosing an edgy fabric like leather.

Lace up tops
Great for recreating the fetish look.

Crystal encrusted heels
A much chicer way to wear bling on your feet! 

Pregnant Beyonce
Is it just me or does she look way more stylish? 

Midriff baring
After a Gwyneth Paltrow citing at the Emmy’s I feel the need to warn you again…

Men in paisley
Reminds me of Barry Manilow (or maybe just his song, Copacabana?)

The Muppets
Apparently they warrant their own fashion collection? I don’t think so…

Buttoned up blouses
Great on the catwalks, not so great in real life!

One Response to What’s Hot and What’s Not this week…

  1. jbizou says:

    I agree with the midriff baring not being hot but i don’t get why a lot of designers featured this look? In other words, we should expect lots of midriffs next summer (scary) especially when i think about how some can abuse this.

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