What’s Hot and What’s Not this week…

Pyjama dressing
Coming your way next season. This time we are loving Stella’s version…

The Alaia corner at Harvey Nichols
Their newly opened Pacific Place store features a shop-in-shop dedicated to our favourite designer. Watch those credit cards!

Perspex box clutches
Loving the futuristic look. Plus it’s always nice to take a peek into someone else’s handbags for a change…

Making a comeback (Take Two) thanks to Chanel

Coloured snakeskin
A snake is creepy enough, you have to add colour to the equation?

Quilted corset belts
Not exactly Alaia-worthy are they?

Ankle strap shoes
They may be in fashion but they make you look like you have cankles!

Pleated trousers
Just the sight of them this season has made me swear off pastries forever (well not quite…)

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