Our Favourite Things: iPad Fashion Apps

iPad apps by ShopStyle and The Cut  (images courtesy of iTunes)

I love my iPad 2. After a year of protesting that I had no use for it whatsoever, I finally received one for Christmas. Admittedly it’s a pain to email on (I swear my index finger is now warped) but I love nothing more than surfing on it while watching TV. Like any iPad newbie, I was quickly sucked into the world of iPad apps and downloaded everything fashion-related. Unfortunately not many of what I found is actually useful – most of the luxury brand applications are catalogues of products with some boring behind-the-scenes footage. It seems you need to fork out for all the good ones! I have however found a few that I go to everyday for my fashion fix. Read on to find out my top 5 faves…

The Cut

Who needs style.com when you have The Cut? Created by New York Magazine, this is a one-stop guide to all the runway shows with up-to-date images and fashion footage. It’s more user friendly than style.com, with way more categories down to details such as colour, material, model and trend. You can really zoom in on the images which as an editor, I appreciate. I particularly like the fact you can vote for your favourite looks (and the misses). It also includes a handy news section with the latest from their website (something style.com doesn’t have).

Howtospendit Magazine

Ok I may be biased since I write for them, but their iPad app is absolutely gorgeous and way more user friendly than the website (it doesn’t use flash for one – who uses flash these days anyway?) Fans of the print version of the magazine will recognise the usual edit of luxury-focused stories covering fashion, beauty, timepieces and travel. There are also exclusive postings that you can’t find on the web, with updates seven days a week. You can also search archive material from over 60 back issues for free.  

Net-a-porter magazine

I never would have thought that I would prefer to read net-a-porter over Vogue, but I do! First and foremost this is not a shopping app, although you can buy any of the products featured in the magazine or make a wishlist which will connect to your net account. But what I go for is the content – it’s fun with stories covering everything from trends and how to wear them to interviews and even fashion shoots. It’s not just about fashion either, and has a culture section. It’s like a proper lifestyle magazine except that its updated weekly and you can buy everything you see at a tap of a button. What’s not to love?


When I’m online shopping it’s all about getting a quick fashion fix. And while I will go to any lengths to find a pair of shoes I love, I also cannot be bothered to trawl a million e-commerce sites to find it. This is where Shopstyle comes in. I like to describe it as the google of fashion – you simply type in an item you are looking for and it will search through 300 retailers to find what you need. It makes shopping fast and super convenient – every girl’s dream!


Zite is not technically a fashion app – it’s actually a customisable magazine that grabs information from all over the web and collates it into an easy-to-read format. Although it’s not as pretty as Flipboard, they curate their material from a wide variety of sources ranging from popular magazines, websites and blogs, to lesser known fashion portals. You never know what you are going to get but’s it’s always interesting, cool and different. The more you use it, the smarter it gets, giving you a better selection each time. Trust me, you will love it as much as I do!

Your favourite app didn’t make the list? Tell us all about it in the Comments section below!

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