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The Grammys: Red Carpet Surprises and Flops


Surprising choices by (from left to right): Rihanna, Fergie and Taylor Swift

New York Fashion Week is almost done (check back in a few days for our review of the shows) but in the meantime I couldn’t help but get distracted by the red carpet at the Grammys. Maybe it’s because I had seriously low expectations but I was pleasantly surprised at the fashion choices some of the artists made.   

The Good

My top picks would usually make the worst dressed category so I was quite pleased that they are upping their fashion quotient. Rihanna actually left something to the imagination tonight and wore a sexy black custom Armani gown with just the right amount of gold accessories. She let it all hang out later on stage (pleather shorts?), but I’m ignoring that.

Fergie also made one of the boldest fashion choices of the evening in an orange lace Jean Paul Gaultier gown with black 1950 style underwear peeking through. I loved the colour combo and the perfect balance of modesty and sexiness.  Taylor Swift is still annoying but her Zuhair Murad gold gown was elegant, so I have to give her props for that (but not her songs…)

The less said the better about (from left to right): Bonnie McKee, Nicki Minaj and Robyn

The Bad

Nicki Minaj just keeps on embarrassing herself. As if the long red robe with the Versace  Medusa logo wasn’t enough, she had a faux Pope walk the carpet with her. Get a grip Nicki.

Jesse J tried to break her punky mould so I have to give her some credit . But what was with the disco ball material? Her dress would have been much nicer in a solid colour. I don’t know who Bonnie Mckee is but she had cheese whiz sprouting from her shoulders, while Robyn’s skirt needed to be one size bigger and longer in the front. A pair of heels may have saved it but she chose those horrific platform instead.


You snooze you loose (from left to right): Adele, Katy Perry and Carrie Underwood

The Boring Crew

Just in case no one got the “high necks are in” memo, we had the point driven home by Adele in Versace (come on, where’s  the retro touch and leather corset we spotted in this month’s Vogue?), Carrie Underwood in Gomez Gracia and Katy Perry in Elie Saab – even her blue hair couldn’t save her from being a snoozefest. Why even bother walking the red carpet?

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