The Search for the Perfect Trainer

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Trainer chic (from top left, clockwise): Bensimon, Superga, Golden Goose and Cipher

As my friends will tell you, I hate trainers. I don’t mind wearing them for the gym but I am just not one of those women who can walk out wearing a pair of converse and skinny jeans, and still look cool.

Then I sprained my ankle. No heels for six weeks (doctor’s orders) so I resigned myself to an old pair of black Reebok re-tones, which are actually amazingly supportive. Then a trip to London came up, and I needed something warm and stylish that I could wear them for my meetings.

And so began my search for the perfect pair of fashion trainers. All of my friends suggested Isabel Marant – when I was in Paris almost every fashion PR had a pair. Unfortunately I looked like a reject from a rap video – all that was missing was a track suit – so that didn’t work. Ditto for Miu Miu’s glitter pair – what was Miuccia drinking when she designed those?

Now I am in London and still searching for the perfect pair. I have narrowed down my options to four pairs – would love your suggestions too! I am also thinking about looking into Hogan’s men’s versions as the women’s styles are a bit too frou frou. What do you think?

Golden Goose

I first discovered Golden Goose years ago in Milan – they are the Rick Owens of trainers. I love the fact that every pair looks distressed – there’s nothing worse than a pair of shiny new trainers – and comes in leather which gives them a luxe feel. The star adds a fun touch.


So although I tend to veer from bright colours, there’s something effortless and chic in Bensimon’s designs. This French brand is a staple with Parisians – it’s their version of Converse – and the shoes are light and comfortable. The laceless versions could work well.


Ok so they are not technically trainers, but they have been having a resurgence lately thanks to celebrities like Alexa Chung. Top of my list is their recent collaboration with The Row, which features styles made from linen and cashmere.


Cipher is based in Hong Kong although its available at chic stores around the world including Printemps and Lane Crawford . The unisex styles are designed with the urban dweller in mind, making them perfect for the city. While the lace ups are cool, I have my eye on the slip on Voyager. It looks chic and is easy to get on and off.

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  1. Helen Willerton says:

    Golden Goose for me!

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