The Grace Mini: The bag all the editors want

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Grace Minis in different colours (above)

The one cool thing about working in this industry is the fact that you have a pool of friends and colleagues who have great taste. Case in point is my dear friend Grace Lam, who is an editor at Vogue China. At a recent event I spotted Grace carrying a super chic box bag in yellow and baby blue that everyone was fawning over. I was expecting it to be from some undiscovered designer until she revealed that she designed it herself.

Turns out that Grace is one of a few editors who was approached by Korean accessories band, Mata Hari, to create their ideal handbag. Other editors who have participated in the project include Kanako B. Koga, fashion editor of i-D magazine and Akiko Watanabe from LowDown magazine in Berlin, but my favourite by far is the Grace Mini (call me biased!) Designed to be used as a clutch or handbag, this retro style box-bag is made from suede and leather and features a cool tassel detail on the front flap. It comes in three colour combinations which, naturally, are bang on trend and include yellow/grey/blue which is perfect for spring’s pastels ;black/white/red which is timeless yet funky; and red/blue which is for the fashionista who really wants to make a statement.

The collection is available exclusively at i.t stores in Hong Kong and China. For more information visit www.matahari-bags.com

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