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Local Stars: Jewellers You Want to Know

Hammer Gallery, local designers, jewellers, Hugo Yeung

Sculptural ring (left) and bracelet (right) by Hugo Yeung

I’m an accessories girl through and through. There’s nothing I love more than a statement necklace or pair of earrings to dress up an outfit, which is why I was intrigued to learn more about Hong Kong’s first jewellery gallery, Hammer Gallery.

Hammer Gallery is set up like any other contemporary art gallery except that it showcases the work of jewellery designers.  According to founder Sirkka Hammer, the concept is nothing new in Europe and is popular among young, aspiring designers looking to show off their designs or create wearable art. She set up Hammer Gallery in 2009 to showcase the work of up and coming European jewellers and it has fast become a destination for jewellery lovers looking for unique or one-of-a-kind pieces that are handcrafted.

Hammer Gallery, Hong Kong, Jewellers, Jewellery, Zoey Mak

A necklace by Zoey Mok (above)

Which brings me to their latest exhibition. Tomorrow, Hammer Gallery will launch, “Hong Kong Calling,” their first exhibition dedicated to the work of Hong Kong’s young jewellers. There are 13 young artists participating, including graduates from the Hong Kong Design Institute, Central Saint Martins and Sheffield Hallam University. The pieces range from conceptual and modern styles to fun and playful. I was really surprised at the diversity and talent that Hong Kong has to offer – best of all everything is unique and handmade, which I really love.

Some of my favourites include the geometric designs of Hugo Yeung – his sculptural silver bangles and rings feature overlapping or intertwined squares and circles for a cool look. Zoey Mok’s haphazard silver plated necklaces are futuristic and make a bold statement – they are inspired by non-objects, specifically the movement of shadows. For something more artistic, check out Belinda Chang’s copper and silver brooches and necklaces which appear as though they are decaying thanks to tarnished finishes.

Hammer Gallery, Hong Kong, Jewellers, Belinda Chang

Belinda Chang’s wearable art necklace (above)

The exhibition will run for a month, although Hammer is hoping this will be the first of many.

“Hong Kong Calling” is on from July 6 to 29 at Hammer Gallery, G/F, 8 Tai On Terrace, Sheung Wan, tel: 9166 3757,

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