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Romeo Returns: JOYCE by Romeo Gigli

Joyce, Romeo Gigli

JOYCE by Romeo Gigli collection (above)

If you grew up in the 1990s, then you probably have no clue who Romeo Gigli is. Before I joined the fashion industry, my only exposure to this legendary Italian designer was through my mother’s wardrobe which featured some of his exotic coats in a beautiful colours. It was only when I became a fashion editor that I understood the importance and relevance of Gigli’s work.

Over the years Gigli has inspired a host of designers including Marc Jacobs and Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons. Before that he was revolutionising the industry in the 1980s and 1990s with his unique, poetic style. While Mugler and Montana were advocating power dressing, he was romancing women with his sculpted silhouettes referencing everything from Renaissance Art to punk street style. Unfortunately by 2004 he slipped off the fashion radar thanks to a host of bad licensing deals which apparently he is still trying to settle.

Joyce, Romeo Gigli, Women

The women’s collection (above)

I was surprised when I learned that Gigli was making a fashion comeback this month with no other than Hong Kong boutique JOYCE.  His first collaboration after eight years sees the maestro designing a men’s and women’s collection exclusively for the retailer that will not only appeal to old fans, but a new generation of men and women.

Like his previous work, the new line is both timeless yet relevant.  Expect his signature palette (think romantic Byzantine colours such as rust, purple and teal) which appear on his iconic cocoon coats and capes that fold over the body. Velvet dresses and tulip brocade skirts look modern, while my favourites include the askew knits with asymmetrical necklines and the single collar shirt which is edgy yet classic.

For men the look is definitely more quirky with reversible coats with silver fox fur collars, colourful shirts with bowties or piping, and striped trousers and waistcoats.

Romeo Gigli, Joyce, Men

The men’s collection (above)

To go along with the launch, JOYCE has enlisted Chinese photographer Chen Man to shoot an advertising campaign featuring an international cast of young models and style icons. This is definitely Gigli 21st century style – and I like it.

Joyce, Romeo gigli, Chen Man

Gigli working on the campaign with Chen Man (above)

Pre-order the JOYCE by Romeo Gigli collection online at before July 23, 2012. Thereafter it will be available at all JOYCE boutiques.

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