What’s Hot and What’s Not this week…

What's Hot and What's Not, Style, Trends, Fashion

Especially on  jackets and skirts (see Proenza Schouler). You can throw in a Chanel bag for good measure!

The urban rider
The equestrian look updated for the city. Very hot this autumn.

The wedge boot
Although Rick Owens started this trend years ago, it’s now a must-have next season.

In particular a deep forest green – our new favourite colour.

Brocade trousers
Seriously, not flattering unless you are a size 2.

Customised denim shorts
We spotted one recently with ribbons and badges – if  you have that much spare time, go buy a new pair.

Really? Aren’t we over the Sex and the City thing?

Paperbag skirts
Drawstrings around the waist are never a good thing.



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