What’s Hot and What’s Not this week…

what's hot and what's not, style, trends, marc jacobs, proenza schouler

Intersecting stripes
Mix horizontal and vertical stripes a la Marc Jacobs in one piece for an upate on the classic.

Forget Chanel bags and puffa jackets, quilting appears on everything from tops to tailored blazers.

Hologram effect accessories
It may sound 1980s but stock up on them now as they will last you through to spring/summer.

Velvet tees
A great way to modernise this somewhat stuffy fabric. Plus they are perfect for layering during winter.

Chinese brocade skirts
We love you Proenza, but on this side of the world the look is more kitschy than chic.

Vertical stripe blouses
Amazing how a new direction can take you from fashionista to jailbird.

Patent leather trainers
And we thought high tops were bad…

Tartan trousers
Save these for your pyjamas…

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