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And Mulberry’s Brilliant Britain Winner is…

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Congratulations Pippa Westwood (above)

Earlier this month I visited Mulberry’s Brilliant Britain Exhibition in Hong Kong, which is a celebration of all things British, including the country’s artists, designers and other creatives. To coincide with the project, they also launched the Brilliant Britain website, where they invited fans and customers to nominate something or someone that they personally felt makes Britain great. In true British spirit, a winner will be selected every month and receive a very cool Mulberry Bayswater bag stuffed with goodies. Luckily, I have been honoured with the task of selecting this month’s winner.

Selecting my favourite nomination was not easy especially since there was so much to choose from ranging from cool shops to the best British food (Cadbury’s chocolate, hands down!) Having lived in the UK many years ago, rifling through the nominations was also somewhat of a trip down memory lane. It brought to mind my first trip to the British countryside, the terrible weather and of course the dry sense of humour that defined so many of my friendships during my time there. It also made me remember one of the most important daily rituals for a  Brit – enjoying a cup of tea.  As my best friend’s mother always told me, there’s isn’t one problem that a warming cup of tea can’t solve!

Because of this, I have chosen Pippa Westwood’s nomination which includes a very cute photo of herself enjoying a cuppa and waving a Brit flag. With it she wrote: “No matter what the weather, national or personal crisis, street party teas with friends and neighbours always lift the public mood.”

Congratulations Pippa – have a cuppa on us!

Send in your own nominations and get a chance to win a Mulberry bag by visiting

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One Response to And Mulberry’s Brilliant Britain Winner is…

  1. Pippa says:

    Hi, this is me!

    Thank you so much for choosing me. I’m incredibly grateful and really pleased you liked the photo and it brought back some great memories for you.

    I can now combine my loves of tea and Mulberry, what an excellent end to the Jubilee year.

    Thank you again

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