What’s Hot and What’s Not this week

Style, fashion, trends, what’s hot and what’s not, spring/summer 2013

Pastels, v.2013
Wear them with flashes of neon or fabrics like snakeskin for a modern look.

Katie Grand x Hogan collection
We are loving her adorable heart decorated loafers and bags for Hogan. And they’ll still be on trend next season!

Peplum jackets
Yes there’s no running away from it, but at least jackets are more chic and less fashion victim.

Block heels
Two months ago they were a fashion no-no. Now you can’t get through summer without them.

Cropped tops
Balenciaga’s style wins the award for most unflattering top ever.

Velvet trainers
We got the memo, trainers are cool – but velvet? Not so much.

We keep hearing about how functional they are. What about how ugly they are?

Gladiator boots
Sounds bizarre? Imagine how they look!

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