Fashion Homies: Brian Lichtenberg’s Tees

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We all know the fashion world can take itself way too seriously, which is why we love designers that like to have a bit of fun. While cheeky slogan tees are nothing new (remember House of Holland?) we recently spotted Brian Lichtenberg’s collection on a friend and had to share it with you.

Based in California, Lichtenberg is one of the music world’s most important stylists having worked with the likes of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Rihanna. He actually launched his collection of tees, BLTee, back in 2006 but it’s only recently that he’s made headlines with his latest designs which have appeared on celebrities and street style blogs everywhere.

So what’s so great about them? It’s all in the branding, natch. Lichenberg has paid tribute to the world’s most famous brands by giving them new logos and street names like Bucci (Gucci), Feline (Celine) and Homies (Hermes). My personal favourite has to be Ballin (Balmain). These are emblazoned on a range of casualwear from tees and hoodies to baseball caps, which you can easily mix and match with your wardrobe staples (we are partial to the skinny jeans, tailored blazer look). Fashion should always be about the fun after all…

BLTees are available at Lab Concept in Hong Kong or online at Netaporter or Revolve Clothing.

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  1. Bridge says:

    I love these tees, I wish I can purchase them in a store in NYC I have been looking online to see what stores carry them here, I know the t shirts are unisex and I’m tiny, so I don’t wanna be swimming in it. I absolutely adore them though so rockstar and you can sport them anywhere.

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