What’s Hot and What’s Not this week…

Autumn/winter 2013, Fashion, Style, Trends, What's Hot and What's Not

Biker jackets with texture
Update this classic with texture in the form of exotic skins or quilting.

Crystal necklaces
Forget the colourful neon trends of the past. It’s all about bold white sparklers for the festive season.

Lace heels
Delicate but elegant, they are the perfect accessory for the party season.

We are obsessed right now, especially for shoes.

Floor length coats
Yes they are very Dr. Zhivago but not so chic when you are under six foot.

Gold trousers
Cirque de Soleil meets “I Dream of Genie.”

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Now that the Great Gatsby is over, we’re REALLY looking forward to a different theme next year.

Bejewelled headbands
More Carrie Diaries than Sex and the City

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