What’s Hot and What’s Not this week…

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Last season it was all about luxe track pants, now designers are reinventing the hoodie.

Apparently the top accessory for fashion editors this season.

The Sporty heel
Not all of us can pull off the sporty look, so fake it with some fabulous shoes made from materials like mesh and neoprene.

Wrist straps
The way to wear your handbag this season.

Floral shirts
That was so 2013.

One embellishment we are not loving (even when it has a double C logo)

Slogan necklaces
About as naff as nameplate ones.

Leopard print backpacks
Too much of a wild card for us.

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  1. Vicki hochman says:

    It’d be nice if you had some pictures to go along with what’s hot- so we could see HOT. This is vague- the sporty heel, wrist strap. Maybe just a better explanation.

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