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Gender Bender: Unisex Fashion

Unisex,  fashion, style, trends, Rad Hourani, JW Anderson, Loewe, Saint Laurent

Loewe’s cool new look

These days fashion is all about keeping up with the Jones’ (or shall we say the Pradas), which is why unisex fashion is a breath of fresh air.

Unlike the popular androgynous look, which sees both sexes mix and match popular items from each other’s wardrobes, unisex garments are designed to be worn by  either sex and eliminates gender norms completely.  At the same time it eschews trends and encourages the wearer to experiment with their personal style. Many of the styles emphasise shape and form, making them understated and cool.  Unisex fashion is free from designer logos and big brand names – what true fashionista doesn’t crave that?

It seems that many designers are feeling the same way as unisex fashion is having its moment.  It may have started out as a niche market (Paris based designer Rad Hourani launched the industry’s first ever unisex label in 2007), but now more designers are ready to embrace style over gender.

Unisex,  fashion, style, trends, Rad Hourani, JW Anderson, Loewe, Saint Laurent

Interchangeable designs by Loewe (left) and Saint Laurent (right)

While Hedi Slimane recently showcased his first unisex collection Psych Rock at Paris Fashion Week, one of our favourite interpretations of the trend was J.W Anderson’s first collection for Spanish brand Loewe.

While his own eponymous label features conceptual, avant garde pieces that can be worn by both sexes, his collection for Loewe includes “interchangeable” modern separates like oversize draped tops and long tunics. The striped scarf blouse will look super chic on any man or woman while the cuffed black and white trousers are elegant yet edgy. Although the collection was billed as men’s wear,  the campaign images tell another story as they feature androgynous-looking male and female models wearing matching styles.

I’m all about expressing yourself, no matter who wears the pants.

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