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Knotti: Design For Change

Knotti, Design for Change, Denise Ho, Knitwear, Hong Kong, Social Enterprise, PMQ, Fashion, Style

Sustainability and more importantly accountability, has been a big topic in the fashion industry for the past few years but there are very few brands that are putting their money where their mouth is. For that reason alone we are proud to introduce you to Knotti, a homegrown collection of funky knitwear that is handmade by communities of women in Hong Kong.

The brainchild of Hong Kong based stylist, Denise Ho, who also co-founded popular children’s wear label A for Apple, Knotti works exclusively with talented home knitters from various communities around the city. This small group of women are given knits to create at home, on their own schedule. Once the pieces are complete, they are sent to the Knotti design team who add finishing touches.

Knotti, Design for Change, Denise Ho, Knitwear, Hong Kong, Social Enterprise, PMQ, Fashion, Style

While Knotti’s message is one of social responsibility it is still, after all, a fashion brand. So while the techniques used to make the knits are traditional, the final look is definitely more modern. The debut collection features 30 unique cardigans which are based around the silhouette of a jacket so the fit is polished and structured. Each style is unique and there are various looks from classic to contrasting colours.

What really makes them special is the fact that every single piece is made entirely by hand over three weeks. The materials – merino wool yarn – is also biodegradable so it has minimum impact on the environment too.

You can actually see some of the knitters at work at PMQ, where Knotti is hosting a pop-up exhibition until Sunday December 6, 2015. Thereafter the products are available exclusively on Knotti’s website.

A Few Better Things by Knotti on until Sunday December 6 2015 at Unit S207, PMQ, Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong;

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