Forward Thinkers: Abasi Rosborough Men’s Wear

Abasi Rosborough, Men's Wear, Designers, New York, Abdul Abasi, Greg Rosborough, Fashion, Style, Spring/Summer 2016

Abasi Rosborough Spring/Summer 2016 collection

Overthinking a design can be a blessing or curse for any designer but in the case of New York based label, Abasi Rosborough, it’s helped them carve a niche in the already crowded men’s wear market.

Abdul Abasi and Greg Rosborough are American designers (of Nigerian and Scottish descent, respectively) who met while studying at FIT.  After working with the likes of Engineered Garments and Ralph Lauren, they founded their label in 2013, looking to create a new standard for the modern man’s wardrobe.

“Abasi Rosborough is unique because we approach clothing design from a progressive and anatomical point of view. Our design philosophy is rooted in problem solving as well as the research, development and exploration of new ideas and concepts. We aim to design our clothing with function in mind,” said the designers during a recent trip to Hong Kong.

Abasi Rosborough, Men's Wear, Designers, New York, Abdul Abasi, Greg Rosborough, Fashion, Style, Spring/Summer 2016

Abdul Abasi and Greg Rosborough

Drawing inspiration from their military and athletic backgrounds (Abasi was previously in the army), the brand offers a fresh approach to tailoring and sportswear, not through styling tricks but by reinventing the garments completely. Many times they take an item, strip it down and redesign it with both form and function in mind, making it simpler and easier to wear.

For example, the first piece they ever designed, the Arc jacket, took two years to develop. It’s designed to move with the body and has ergonomic seaming and knit underarm panels allowing the garment to breathe. It also comes with an interior carrying strap.

Since then the duo have built their collections by studying the body and creating pieces that work well together in a man’s wardrobe. Their latest collection for spring/summer 2016, called Monolith, combines elegant tailoring with industrial silhouettes such as loose two-piece suits, patterned track jackets, hand dyed denim, dropped crotch shorts and marl grey pants in a sandy, desert inspired palette.

“The starting point for each collection is the ending point of the collection before it. Our work is more about iterations of ideas and concepts rather that complete reinvention. We aim to refine the successful ideas and analyse the failures,” they say.

Abasi Rosborough is available exclusively at Harvey Nichols Hong Kong; http://abasirosborough.com/

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