Hot Wheels: OOKONN Luggage

OOKONN, lugggae, travel, style, fashion, Hong Kong, carry-on

Luggage is one of those things that we should spend money on, but somehow can’t justify. That being said, we would happily splurge on OOKONN, a new luggage brand that’s so chic its bound to give stalwarts like Rimowa and Tumi a run for their money.

The Hong Kong based label was founded by a team of creative minds that have worked in the fashion, engineering and design industries so it’s high on style and quality. And unlike its competitors, it’s all about having fun, hence the quirky designs and youthful spirit.

OOKONN, lugggae, travel, style, fashion, Hong Kong, carry-on

Currently the line consists of only one style called the Rolling Luggage which is one of the coolest carry-on bags we’ve ever seen.  It’s circular in shape and made from ultra lightweight polycarbonate. The inside comes with all the necessary bells and whistles including a compression system and removable bag for laundry and other essentials (choose from a pack of 3 or 5).

From the outside it’s begging to be photographed with its graphic  aluminium stripe and chic colours (choose from green, black and red). Fashion obsessives can opt for contrasting coloured padded leather handles, or even purchase additional goodies including funky luggage covers and belts to match your new rolly.  Monogramming is also available.

Prices range from USD40 to USD400, which means you have an excuse to buy two!

OOKONN, lugggae, travel, style, fashion, Hong Kong, carry-on

Available exclusively online at www.ookonn.com.

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