What’s Hot and What’s Not This Week…

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The velvet dress
From Altuzarra to Zara, everyone is loving velvet. Besides it makes the perfect holiday party dress!

The sock sneaker
Forget plain leather styles, the sock sneaker is way cooler.

Annie Costello Brown earrings
Can’t afford Celine? Annie Costello Brown’s are way cooler.

The robe jacket
Take your pyjama dressing to a whole new level by adding a luxe robe (preferably in jacquard).

Peplum skirts
They’re not flattering around the waist – imagine on the hips!

Stiletto boots
Anyone else get shoe rage when the heel gets caught in the pavement crack?

Neck scarves
The stewardess look never works no matter how chic the scarf.

We prefer tailored and streamlined (plus you won’t need to carry a lint brush everywhere!)

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