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The Vine

Four Online Fashion Startups in Hong Kong You Need To Know

Fashion, Online, Startups, Hong Kong, Technology, Style, Trends, Find Love Buy, The Hula, UNCVR, MissBish

In the past year, a growing group of young and creative entrepreneurs in Hong Kong have established a series of online startups that cater to the[……]

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The Vine

GRANA: Conscious Basics With Style

Grana, Basics, Wardrobe Essentials, Style, Fashion, Hong Kong, China, Online, Socially Conscious Fashion, Tees, T-Shirts

Socially conscious fashion labels have been a hot topic in the industry for the past few years as we have seen the rise of brands like Toms and Wa[……]

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Mr Porter’s Kingsman: For Modern Gents Only

Mr Porter, Kingsman, Modern, Men's Wear, Matthew Vaughn, Fashion, Style, London, Britain, Online

Some of men’s wear’s greatest moments have happened on film (hello James Bond) so it came as no surprise when online retailer Mr Porter announced[……]

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The Vine

Holiday Essentials: Latitude-11.com

Holiday Essentials, Latitude-11.com, Shopping, Online, Vacation, Swimwear, Resort Wear, Style, Fashion, Hong Kong, Asia

Sarongs from Lotty B

As I write this I am about to embark on a much needed holiday. Over the past week I have been running around town to stock[……]

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Plukka.com: A Jewellery Revolution

Plukka, ecommerce, online, jewellery, jewelry, Joanne Ooi, Plukka.com, social shopping, group-buying, start up

Plukka favourites (from top left clockwise): Ceara earrings, Bullet ring, Emerald Tiberius earrings and  Pitti bangle

Those of you who love jew[……]

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