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The Vine

Trend Alert: Sustainable Activewear

Phvlo’s new collection

Sustainability is still a hot topic among many fashion brands, but there are still some segments of the market that haven’t[……]

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Dream Weavers: Narrative Made

Dream Weavers, Narrative Made, Sharon de Lyster, Asia, Craftsmanship, Fashion, Style, Sustainable, Hong Kong

Narrative Made’s Autumn/Winter 2016/7 collection

Western fashion labels have traded on their craftsmanship for years but now the work of artisa[……]

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The Vine

Shoe In: Beatrix Ong Launches New Collection

Shoes, Beatrix Ong, Collection, Footwear, Designer, Hong Kong, UK, Fashion, Style, Accessories, Wen, Sustainable

Many readers will probably recognise the name Beatrix Ong. The shoe designer is one of Hong Kong’s fashion success stories – raised in Hong Kong a[……]

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