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Brand to Know: Toteme

Brand to Know, Toteme, Elin Kling, Blogger, Fashion, Style, Sweden, New York, Spring/Summer 2017, Trends

Toteme’s spring/summer 2017 collection highlights including the Toulon trousers and Murcia dress

Elin Kling may be Sweden’s most famous blogger,[……]

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Creatures of Comfort: Gram shoes

Gram, Shoes, Sneakers, Comfort, Stockholm, Sweden, Alexis Holm, Accessories, Footwear, Hong Kong, fashion, Style

They say the Swedes do it better. Ok, so it may not apply to everything but we have to admit that we are partial to chic footwear label Gram, whic[……]

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Brand to Know: ATP Atelier Shoes

Brand to Know, ATP Atelier, Shoes, Stockholm, Sweden, Scandinavia, Fashion, Style, Accessories, Hong Kong, Sandals, Carmen

Carmen sandals

I first discovered ATP Atelier when I was in Stockholm last year during Fashion Week. I am a shoe obsessive like any woman and[……]

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Exclusive: Interview with Acne founder Johnny Johansson

Acne, Johnny Johansson, Sweden, Fashion, Exclsuive, Interview, Hong Kong, Stockholm, Spring/Summer 2015

Acne co-founder Johnny Johansson

Tomorrow marks the opening of Swedish band Acne’s first store in Hong Kong at Ice House Street in Central. The[……]

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Brand to Know: Altewai Saome

Altewai Soame, Brand to Know, Scandinavian design, Stockholm, Sweden, fashion, Style, Vein, Hong Kong, China, Lee Gardens 2

Altewai Saome spring/summer 2013 collection

Everyone knows that Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise but recently I’ve found that shopping here ha[……]

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The Vine

You’re So Vein – Scandinavian fashion hits Hong Kong

Vein’s exterior; dress from Humanoid in the shop window.

Is it just me or is Hong Kong getting exciting again in the shopping stakes? Just when[……]

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