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Dive In: Two Local Swimwear Brands You Need to Know

Swimwear, Brands, Fashion, Style, Grana, Triangl, Hong Kong, Local, Summer, Trends

Triangl Swimwear

It may seem odd writing about swimwear when summer is almost technically over, but living in a tropical climate means that you c[……]

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The Vine

Tory Burch Launches Summer Getaway Boutiques in Hong Kong

Tory Burch, Summer, Getaway Boutiques, Hong Kong, Swimwear, Beach, Essentials, Style, fashion, Trends

If the humid weather is anything to go by, then its safe to say that summer has arrived.  The summery mood is obviously contagious as Tory Burch h[……]

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The Vine

Holiday Essentials: Latitude-11.com

Holiday Essentials, Latitude-11.com, Shopping, Online, Vacation, Swimwear, Resort Wear, Style, Fashion, Hong Kong, Asia

Sarongs from Lotty B

As I write this I am about to embark on a much needed holiday. Over the past week I have been running around town to stock[……]

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Swim Into Summer

Swimwear, Swimsuit, Bikinis, Papeete, Estuaries, Summer, Fashion, Style, Trends

Queen of Hearts by Papeete

The summer holidays have officially begun and it’s time to update your swimwear. One item you need to invest in is[……]

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Resort Chic: Orlebar Brown

orlebar brown, swimwear, resort wear

Orlebar Brown’s latest resort wear collection (above)

It’s hard for me to get excited about men’s fashion, let alone swimwear, but everyone has[……]

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