What’s hot and what’s not this week


Oversized pailettes

We’re loving Miuccia Prada’s mermaid-effect sequins for autumn/winter 2011.

Mid-sized handbags

Finally bags that aren’t so big and heavy – you’ll save on all those doctor bills.

Wild prints

From juicy fruits at Stella to monkeys and bananas (for the latter, practice with caution).

Online shopping for Asia

Marni launches a Chinese online boutique, Joyce launches an eShop – finally we’re waking up to the digitial revolution.


Ankle boots gone wrong

Wearing them tucked into jeans is definitely 80s territory. And no skirts longer than knee-length either.

Spray on denim

Take it from me (and my mother) – super tight isn’t always good.


Phoebe Philo we adore you, but its time for something new.


As boring as minimalism.

2 Responses to What’s hot and what’s not this week

  1. Karen Page says:

    It’s about time someone mentioned the ankle boot thing!

  2. Davina says:

    Did you get the ankle boots from me? It was my new york dancer phase!

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