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Dior’s Iconic Tux

Every brand strives to create an icon that will last for generations – for Hermes it’s the Birkin while Chanel has its little black dress and 2.55 handbag. At Dior Homme, it’s their tuxedo that holds a permanent spot in the fashion hall of fame.

Loved by men – Karl Lagerfeld famously lost over 40 kg in 2007 just so he could wear one of the brand’s slim cut jackets – and women like ex-French Vogue editrix Carine Roitfeld, it’s now the subject of a new exhibition at The Landmark.

Visitors enter through a very chic, specially constructed black box in the middle of the Atrium. Inside they are greeted by several busts encased in glass. Each form displays a Dior suit jacket in various stages of construction, from the preparation of the jacket’s front panels and facing, to the finished product. Only six stages are on show, although it takes a total of 222 stages and five weeks to make one jacket by hand from start to finish. At the back of the space is a wall covered by several plasma screens showing behind the scenes footage from the Dior Homme atelier in Italy and the current autumn/winter 2011 fashion show designed by Kris Van Assche.

It’s a rare opportunity to see how a piece of fashion history is made and more importantly emphasises the art and craft behind what’s now a dying industry. It’s incredible to see how much work and detail goes into creating just one simple jacket – Dior Homme even has a special atelier dedicated to measuring and stitching the buttons of each jacket.

And since not everyone can afford to buy one (jackets start at HK$19,000), you can at least experience a taste of luxury for free. 

Dior Homme Tuxedo is on display at The Landmark, Central until March 29, 2011. It will continue its global tour at other Asian cities including Beijing, Singapore and Korea.

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