What’s Hot and What’s Not this week…

A white tuxedo
A cool alternative to an evening dress.

LL Bean monogrammed totes
A favourite of wasps, but a chic summer essential for men and women.

Woven leather
Choose shoes and belts in neutral shades – nothing is more chic than the Mediterranean look.

Snakeskin accessories
Exotic skins are transforming simple styles from boring to luxe.

Sequinned trousers
Studio 54 gone wrong. Very wrong.

Short suits
Call me old fashioned but what happened to chic trousers instead?

Snakeskin pedis
Using real snakeskin to decorate nails. Surely there’s a difference in carrying it versus literally wearing it?

Salmon jeans
Yes coloured jeans are in but just because Cameron Diaz looks good in them, it doesn’t mean you will.

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