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More Brides, More Fashion!

So I don’t want to make a habit of commenting on what people wear all the time but with two Royal weddings happening over the weekend, I figured it would make a fun posting on a not-so-exciting Monday. 

Both weddings couldn’t have been more different – one saw fashion royalty marry a rockstar in an intimate ceremony in the Costwalds while another took place in Monaco’s grand palace with plenty of pomp and circumstance. Needless to say both dresses were totally different but interesting choices.

First up, Kate Moss. The press have been speculating what Moss would be wearing for months, and like Princess Kate who chose a British designer, she went for a gown designed by fellow Brit and good friend John Galliano. I must admit I got a warm fuzzy feeling when I read that she stuck by her decision to wear Galliano despite the scandals that have plagued him in recent months.

The wedding gown itself was quintessential Galliano. A romantic 1920s inspired bias cut dress – one of the designer’s favourite silhouettes – it came embellished with gold sequinned feathers and rhinestones, and a sheer skirt that showed off her toned gams. While most of the press have been quick to deem the design “controversial,” I actually found it a little bit boring and predictable. It does nothing for her figure (she needs some curves stat!), and I found the sequins a bit OTT, especially at the hem. I wonder if it would have looked more elegant if the skirt was not sheer? Perhaps my expectations were running way too high, given her style icon status.

That being said, one positive thing about it is that it’s a true reflection of her personal style with its laid back Boho vibe and vintage look. Besides it looks amazing compared to that barmaid blue vintage number she wore to the rehearsal dinner. Its like Temperley on acid and not in a good way. And what was with the tacky blue suede boots? A pair of delicate flats would have been so much better.  

Over in Monaco, Princess Charlene gave Grace Kelly something to be proud of as she took on role of the principality’s new princess. Her structured Armani gown had all the hallmarks of a modern day Cinderella dress. I liked her choice of an elegant off the shoulder style (bonus points for covering the shoulders) and the well constructed column dress that showed off her  shape. Okay it didn’t have that edgy fashion detailing that Kate Middleton’s did, but it’s a good start.

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