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Welcome to Hotel Margiela

During a recent lunch with a friend, we came up with the idea of pairing fashion designers with famous hotels chains around the world. So for example, Cavalli is definitely a W guy – he likes to show off and tries a bit too hard while Giorgio Armani could easily be part of the furniture at the Park Hyatt with its elegant and sophisticated style that screams money.  Tom Ford is a detail-oriented perfectionist so would fit in at The Four Seasons with its faultless service and 2,000 thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheets. Valentino is a Peninsula guy – full of old world charm and a legend in his own right.

With so many synergies there, it’s no wonder that so many designers have reinterpreted their style for hotels around the world. The latest to add to the growing list is Maison Martin Margiela who has lent its talents to La Maison Champs-Elysées in Paris. Unlike other designers who have opened their own hotels, this is a collaboration, with the brand designing just 17 of the hotel’s 57 rooms.

Margiela has always been an “insiders” label so I can imagine why a hotel designed by them would generate a lot of buzz.  Personally, I have always been a Margiela fan thanks its avant garde style, wit and deconstructed tailoring. And while I love their stores, I wasn’t sure how the cool interiors would translate into a space that people actually have to sleep in rather than just shop.

Judging from the pictures the hotel has plenty of Margiela’s signature surrealist touches  such as  trompe l’oeil effects and walls covered in wallpaper printed with photos of black and white walls. Other walls feature faded outlines of paintings that have since been removed or paintings covered with cotton  (are you confused yet?). The bedrooms look a bit too clinical for me decked out in all white but I like the cool details such a the burnt oak floors and wood panelling.

Below are more pictures for you to judge for yourself. Enjoy!

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