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Chic separates from Back (from left to right): Organic draped top (HK$1,330), bamboo & seta cardigan (HK$1,920) and crossed dress (HK$1,713).

I am one of those rare breed of fashion editors that loves being in her pyjamas more than anything. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up as much as the next girl, but there’s nothing like lounging at home in a pair of tracksuit bottoms and tee. At University my best friend was always shocked by the fact that I had an entirely separate wardrobe of  “home” clothes, but I digress…

Up until now I’ve bought most of my loungey clothes from Donna Karan or GAP Body, but recently discovered the very covetable Back Label.  Launched last year in Milan and now available in Hong Kong, I’d like to describe it as the more sophisticated, luxurious sister of Calvin Klein Underwear.  If Rick Owens or Phoebe Philo were to design loungewear, then this would be it.

The brainchild of an Italian and an American, the brand’s philosophy is to nourish the body with a range of exclusive fabrics made from nutrient rich ingredients such as seaweed, milk and bamboo. They also use organic cotton and a fabric known as Peace silk, which allows the silkworm from the cocoon to live out its full metamorphosis.

Gimmicks aside, the final product, which is made in Italy, looks and feels super soft on the skin. The fabric is fine but keeps its shape which I love. Each collection features a variety of styles including draped tops, slips, camisoles, wrap-around maxi dresses, open cardigans and yoga pants. The colours are equally sublime (each line has a specific colour) including neutral shades of grey, black, cream and beige.

Best of all these are home clothes I would actually wear out of the house. Add a great pair of earrings and heels and you are good to go. What more could a girl ask for?


(Left to right): Bamboo one shoulder top (HK$2,128), silk kimono (HK$3,402) and cashmere yoga pants (HK$5,916).

Back Label is available at Sidewalk, 4-6 Gough Street, Central, tel: +852 2850 7199, www.backlabel.com

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  1. Agnes Caer-Piras says:

    Hi dearest,
    Sounds like a dream come true, I’m going to check it out!

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