Healing Gems: Marijoli’s Makra collection

Assortment of “Makras” from Marijoli (above)

I first met Swiss jeweller Marielle Byworth a few years ago in Tokyo before she moved to Hong Kong. Inspired by nature and art, Marielle’s style is super modern, which is what drew me to her brand in the first place (I am in good company – Kate Moss and Madonna also love her jewellery!). To date her signature Elma collection continues to be a best-seller with its coral and Greco-Roman-inspired organic shapes on cuffs, earrings and bib necklaces.

Her style is taken to a cool new level with her latest collection called Makra. The name is a play on the word chakra, which was the inspiration or “spirit” behind the collection. As such Marielle has created seven different pendants or “makra” symbols that help balance our energies and keep us grounded. Hocus pocus aside, the gold pendants look super cool thanks to their amoeba-like shapes decorated with different precious stones including emeralds, citrines and aquamarines. Naturally each stone corresponds with a different chakra so the wearer is supposed to choose the colour that s/he is most drawn to.  Whether it cures your ailments or not, you will certainly look fabulous!

Marijoli is available online at www.marijoli.com. She will also be exhibiting her jewellery at the Dim Sum and Then Some Holiday Bazaar on Monday November 28 from 11am to 8pm at Kee Club, 6/F, 32 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong.

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