Pretty Dangerous launches online

(From top left, clockwise): Block n Roll cuff, stud ring and feather ring.

I love to buy jewellery online, especially costume jewellery. My favourite sites include Max and Chloe as well as Shopbop. The latest to add to the list is the recently launched Pretty Dangerous.

Created by my friend Alison Tam the site is unique in that it specialises in more edgy looking pieces you won’t find elsewhere. If you are looking for cocktail rings or dangling earrings, then its not for you. But if you love to rock it out once in a while then you will find plenty to choose from including chain necklaces, chunky bracelets as well as the usual skull and stud rings. Most of the pieces are unisex so they have an androgynous edge, which I like.

While the offerings on the site are still limited, Alison has managed to bring on board some cool British designers I have never seen before.  Standouts for me include Daisy Knights, a Central Saint Martin’s graduate who is popular with celebs like Alexa Chung and Kate Moss. Zelia Horsley meanwhile has a bit more of a punk edge (it makes sense that she worked for Vivienne Westwood) with chunky block bracelets and chains interwoven with gold threads, that are still elegant.

Best of all most pieces are handmade in limited quantities and are exclusive to Hong Kong. That’s hard to find in this day and age!

Visit Pretty Dangerous at www.prettydangerous.com.hk

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