Hill: Classics Men Will Want to Keep

I seldom write about men’s fashion and made it my new year’s resolution to include more cool stuff for guys on this blog.  So without further adieu, I wanted to introduce you all to my latest find, Hill.

Hill was launched last year in Hong Kong by Central Saint Martin’s graduate Anthony Hill who relocated from London in 2006. He dabbled in the industry, working on several men’s wear projects before deciding to strike out on his own late last year.

Unlike other fashion labels that are trend focused, Hill is different in that it’s a curated and edited collection of men’s classics. As such there is an emphasis on quality and fit, and everything is designed to be kept in your wardrobe season after season. The first collection specialises in three areas of men’s clothing – blazers, shorts and chinos.

We chatted with Anthony about the line so read on to find out more…

How would you sum up Hill’s style?

It’s about understated, neo-classical, modern British tailoring.  We launched the brand with a trans-seasonal collection of basic wardrobe essentials for the modern man. We plan to launch three collections a year: spring/summer and autumn/winter plus a trans-seasonal collection, which will be more understated and basic.

What type of men do you design for?

We want our customer to able to take each piece and make it their own. We started with the intention to appeal to creative people -those who doesn’t follow fast fashion trends and create their own style. Since launching we have not only appealed to this type of customer, but a broad range of people who appreciate great quality clothing.

What makes Hill different from other men’s wear labels? 

We specialise. Many brands opt to design the “full outfit” from shoes, trousers and jeans to T-shirts, jackets and coats. By having a small focus area we can offer the best quality. Also, because of the classic nature of our designs, our collections won’t discontinue at the end of a particular season.

What does your collection look like?

This first collection is part of an on going trans-seasonal collection, which will be built upon every year. As such we have focused on fabric and fit.  Our fabrics are almost if not all 100 per cent natural. One of our best sellers and also a personal favourite of mine is the One-Button Blazer. This has been made from a specially designed cotton/linen fabric. Like a pair of jeans this particular blazer will soften and mould to the body with wear.

What wardrobe essentials should every man own?

There are many but top of the list are: a good blazer; pair of smart dark denim jeans; tailored shirts; a few pairs of chinos; tailored shorts; tailored suits; a plain white pocket square; and a trench coat or Mac.

Hill is available at www.hill.com.hk. The brand will also be hosting a trunk show at the end of the month so visit their Facebook page for updates.

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