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The Met Gala 2012: The Good, Bad and Wacky

Met Gala 2012, Fashion, Red Carpet Arrivals

The Best Dressed (from left to right): Emma Stone, Kristen Stewart, Carey Mulligan and Rooney Mara

Who knew that the Met Ball was so important that it deemed its own live stream on the internet? While I was unable to catch the red carpet arrivals live online, I did spend the afternoon checking out the pictures which didn’t take too long since there were so many bad outfits.

Admittedly the theme this year (Schiaparelli & Prada: Impossible Conversations) wasn’t as fun as those in the past. For those of you who don’t know, Italian couturier Elsa Schiaparelli was one of Coco Chanel’s biggest rivals and was famed for her love of pink, surrealist designs and collaborations with artists like Salvador Dali. The brand will relaunch with accessories this October in Paris, which should be quite interesting. But I digress.

Back to the red carpert – here are The D’Vine’s hits and misses from the Met Gala 2012.

The Hits

While I’m not one for embellishments, Carey Mulligan’s halter sequin Prada dress was a real winner. Referencing Miuccia’s sequin dresses from her autumn/winter 2011 show, Carey’s futuristic Barbarella gold version was cool yet glam.

I never would have thought that anyone wearing black would have stood out on a big night like this but Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara looked fantastic. Blanchett’s Alexander McQueen gown was elegant yet dramatic, but Mara won hands down in a black lace Givenchy gown with a sexy S&M vibe. It was my favourite by far.  

Emma Stone has always been a hit or miss for me in the fashion stakes but her flirty plastic Lanvin dress was playful and fun (and the pink suited her to a T). I also have to mention Kristen Stewart’s Balenciaga dress which I personally loved for its cool mix of materials and tailored fit (shame about the shoes).

 Met Gala 2012, Fashion, Red Carpet Arrivals

The flops (from left to right): Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce and Dakota Fanning

The Misses

OK let’s start with Dakota Fanning. When did this cute child star become so frumpy? Her Louis Vuitton Cinderella gown didn’t help – the upper bodice looked matronly and the swirling organza skirt looked like a Home Ec project.

Is it my imagination or does Cameron Diaz look like she’s 60? I am sure she was gunning for an old Hollywood look in her unflattering Stella McCartney dress. Unfortunately, she only managed to pull off the “old” part.

Oh Beyonce. This could have been your moment and the perfect opportunity to show off your hot body, post-baby. Why oh why would you choose a sheer beaded dress that exposed your not-so-toned behind? And what was with the cheap feathers?  They weren’t enough of a distraction, believe me.

I’ve always thought Sarah Jessica Parker was overrated as a style icon and if her bad Laura Ashley getup  is anything to go by (it was actually Valentino), then I was right.

I can kind of understand what Coco Rocha was trying to achieve with her vintage Givenchy pink and yellow suit  – Schiaparelli herself was an outlandish dresser – but she looks like a 1980s Barbie gone wrong. Fellow model Anja Rubik obviously took posing tips from Angelina Jolie – what was with her boney, protruding hips? She needs to eat.

Oh and by the way, Lana Del Rey was obviously trying to recreate a Gwyneth Oscars look with her cape moment. Been there, done that! 

 Met Gala 2012, Fashion, Red Carpet Arrivals

The Fruit Loops (from left to right): Florence Welch, Christina Ricci and Elizabeth Banks

The weird and wacky

As this was a tribute to Schiaparelli I expected some weird get ups, but I wish Christina Ricci and Elizabeth Banks didn’t try so hard. Banks’ Mary Katrantzou gown was a horrible mix of patterns and made her look bloated. Ricci’s Thakoon dress would have been fine if they snipped off the large pink bow on her back. Even Florence Welch looked a bit odd in her McQueen beige gown although I can appreciate the workmanship.

What’s your verdict????

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  1. Kurt says:

    what about the Tom Ford dress that Chanel was wearing

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