Modern Armour: Lynn Ban Jewellery

Lynn Ban, Jewellery, Accessories, Style, Fashion, Lane Crawford

Lynn Ban (left) with some her designs including the Elliptical ring (top) and Black Rhodium cuff (bottom)

For me, modern jewellery is all about clean, architectural lines, which is why I immediately fell in love with the work of New York-based Lynn Ban. The Singaporean designer worked with vintage couture for many years but her jewels are definitely futuristic – in fact she describes them as “modern day” armour.

Citing names like Elsa Peretti, Shaun Leane and Loree Rodkin as inspiration, her line features covetable shapes ranging from angular diamond handcuff bangles to funky lightening bolts. As a result her pieces have been snapped up by style icons like Kate Moss, Madonna and Emma Watson and graced the pages of magazines like Vogue and W.

Bann is in Hong Kong tomorrow and Friday (9 and 10 August) to launch her new collection but we managed to grab her for five minutes to talk about her line and inspirations…

Lynn Ban, Jewellery, Accessories, Style, Fashion, Lane Crawford

Selection of rose gold and diamond rings (right) and smoking pendant lariat (left)

How would you sum up your style?

It’s sleek, modern and edgy. I explore lightness and darkness by using silver and black rhodium silver with white, black or grey diamonds. I also like to play with contrast and tonality . I am beginning to explore the use of colour as seen in my rose gold plated champagne diamond pieces and my amethyst smoking lips lariat.

How does your background as a collector and art historian influence your collections?

My jewellery is a culmination and expression of everything that I have seen, touched and studied over the years yet my designs are sleek, modern and inspired by the future. I hope they will endure the test of time and be regarded as modern and timeless.

What’s your inspiration?

Armour is always a consistent and continuing theme in my designs; whether it be futuristic and sculptural armour or armour in nature. I am also very inspired by geometrics and symbolism. Stylistically, the 1980s and 1990s are very influential in my work but interpreted for modern day. There is also always a Pop Art element in my collections, with themes and imagery that are provocative but with a sense of humour.

What type of women wear your jewellery?

I always envision empowered women wearing my jewellery. They are fierce and stylish and make and play by their own rules.

What are your favourite designs?

My armour ring – it is minimal and sleek, yet so simple. Worn alone, its curves hug the hand making a bold statement. You can wear one or cover your hands wearing one on each finger. It’s also stackable.

Tell us about your latest collection…

It features cuffs made from matte iridescent and black rhodium silver that are cast from exotic luxurious skins such as crocodile or shagreen. There are also my new square diamond handcuff bangles which were inspired by Bauhaus and geometrics. My black rhodium and grey diamond wrought iron cuffs were inspired by the foreboding wrought iron gates of a decrepit haunted manor.

Lynn Ban’s jewellery ranges from HK$6,200 to HK$27,500 and is available at Lane Crawford, IFC Mall, Central, Hong Kong, tel: 2118 3388. www.lynnban.com

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