What’s Hot and What’s Not this week…

style, fashion, trends, fall//winter 2013, altuzarra, doce & gabbana

The military jacket
We are lusting after Altuzarra’s super chic riding version.

The must-have fabric this winter. Trousers are all the rage but a jacket is the most flattering option.

Bedazzled soles
Who needs a red sole when you can cover it in crystals instead?

Heirloom jewels
If it looks old, it’ll work. We love Lulu Frost.

Tapestry prints
We don’t care what the magazines say, we rather not look like we made our clothes out of old curtains.

Skater skirts
Even Proenza’s tough style can’t save this Nancy Kerrigan relic.

Colourful French manicures
As if they weren’t tacky enough, now you can do them in different colours?

Letterman jackets
So last season.

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