What’s Hot and What’s Not, Paris Edition

spring/summer 2013, paris fashion week, runway trends, what's hot and not

Checkerboard chic
Whether you go grunge (Dries Van Noten) or geometric (Louis Vuitton), squares are all the rage next season.

Lagerfeld may not care for the Le Smoking, but every other designer did from Lanvin to Saint Laurent (naturally).

Oversized trousers
Not the MC Hammer kind – more of the louche, sexy kind a la Phoebe Philo.

Choose maxi or mini – just make sure it looks Mod.

Cropped tops
Almost everyone showed them – but the question is will anyone be wearing them come March?

Printed trouser suits
In today, out next season.

That was so last year. Now it’s about creating your own DNA.

Gimmicky accessories
Furkenstocks, hula hoop bags…enough already and show us some clothes!


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