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Men’s wear, shirts, PYE, specialist, Dee Poon, Hong Kong, China, Fashion, Style

Styles from PYE (above)

A few months ago I introduced you to Vaughan which is the holy grail of women’s shirts in Asia. Finally I have found an equivalent for men…

PYE is the brainchild of my friend Dee Poon, a style icon and the closest thing to fashion royalty we have on this side of the world (her father is the owner of luxury department store Harvey Nichols).

It only made sense that Dee would enter the industry having grown up surrounded by incredible designers and beautiful clothes. However rather than pursue a career in women’s wear, she took a different route by launching a line of men’s shirts.

So what does a stylish 30 year old woman know about men’s fashion, you may ask?  Dee has definitely paid her dues having worked at Esquel, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of men’s shirts (they produce for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, etc).

Men’s wear, shirts, PYE, specialist, Dee Poon, Hong Kong, China, Fashion, Style

More shirts from PYE (above)

About 18 months ago, she put her knowledge to the test and launched PYE in China before opening a boutique in Hong Kong at Pacific Place.

The boutique itself is gorgeous with a sleek wood interior (by acclaimed designer Ray Chen) and a custom made scent by New York based olfactory branding company 12.29. Even the packaging has a cool Asian twist and is based on the art of Chinese paper folding (not too dissimilar to origami).

Of course it’s all about the shirts. There are fashion-based casual shirts although the majority of the collection features dress shirts in three collections – infinity, executive and classic –  in three different fits. The infinity is considered the ultimate in dress shirts thanks to its high thread count (170 and above) and stylistic and functional details including mother of pearl buttons, a hand ironed French placket and invisible seams.  Each shirt is made using state of the art technologies (such as nano technology to keep cotton wrinkle free) and fabrics, which have been exclusively developed by PYE.  Prices range from HK$888 to HK$2,888.

For the ultimate indulgence there is a  customisation programme with over 100 shirt combination options.

PYE is at Shop 111, Level 1, Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong, tel: 852 2152 9288.

Men’s wear, shirts, PYE, specialist, Dee Poon, Hong Kong, China, Fashion, Style

The new boutique at Pacific Place (above)

Dee’s tips on finding the perfect shirt:

– Know your proper collar and sleeve measurements.

– When you move your arms the front placket shouldn’t gape or pull.  The collar should be tight but loose enough to fit a finger between it, so that when you wear a tie it fits well without choking you.

– A properly cut sleeve changes the line of a shirt and is often overlooked. They shouldn’t look too voluminous or balloon.

– The fit at the waist is personal, but I would suggest a trim fit as that looks the most modern and clean.  Dress shirts are made to be tucked in so when you are trying it on, raise your arms to make sure it doesn’t fly out of your waistband.

– Watch out for details like darts. Anyone can shove darts in the back to make it appear like it fits. A shirt should be cut right and drape properly.

– Buttons are a small but important detail. People cut a lot of corners with buttons. At PYE, we have even have our own way of sewing on the buttons.

– Try on your shirt with and without a tie so you can use it for any occasion.

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  1. kunle ajayi says:

    hi..i am a designer based in South Africa.. I am a regular visitor to hongkong and china and would like to meet Divia Harilela, if it is possible for a brief chat.
    Please advise.

  2. Split Yoke says:

    PYE is another great concept brand from Esquel but some feel it is easier to get great shirts from on-line retailers such as http://www.lewistailorshirts.com. Simple web-sites with low overheads and great products

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