What’s Hot and What’s Not this week…

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Engineered ruffles
Goodbye frou frou styles – everyone from Balenciaga to Givenchy are going sleek and architectural.

Trapeze totes
Phoebe started a trend (shock, horror) and now everyone’s doing them.

Dresses worn with trousers
The hottest look on the spring couture runways.

Floral appliques
Thanks to Prada we have a new way to wear florals this season.

Spring fur
Cause you really need to keep warm in 30 degrees.

Chain mail shoes
Disco divas gone bad.

Snake overload
In its bid to win over the East, every luxury brand is doing some sort of snake item for Chinese New Year. Are we that naff?

Sailor pants
Spotted recently – super high waist, brass buttons, extra wide legs – it’s not a flattering look.

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  1. Vicki hochman says:

    What are engineered ruffles as opposed to the ordinary ones? Thanks for answering my question.

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