What’s Hot and What’s Not this week…

What's Hot and What's Not	 this week, fashion, Style, Trends, Spring/Summer 2013, Asos

The checked Asos dress everyone is wearing
It looks like Prada but costs a fraction of the price. If its good enough for Jessica Alba…

Mesh panels
On everything from skirts to swimwear. Sporty yet sexy.

Curved heels
Everyone has their own version but we love Roger Vivier’s comma heel.

Wood grain textures
Adds an earthy vibe to summer’s handbags and shoes.

Faux leather shorts
Defeats the purpose of keeping cool (and looking chic!)

The new Balenciaga bags by Alexander Wang
We can’t believe we are saying this but we almost prefer the Motorcycle bags.

The black maxi dress/boot combo
Kinda works in Paris…Hong Kong, not so much.

Skirts decorated with bows
There’s nothing cute about bows, trust us.

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