What’s Hot and What’s Not, this week…

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From tribal prints to beads and other decoration, this is the continent for style inspiration this season.

Knotted shirts
The most stylish way to wear your button down shirts this summer is to tie it at the front.

Wrap skirts
Proenza Schouler were onto something a few seasons ago. Now everyone’s doing it and the trend is set to last through to autumn.

The backpack
So everyone wants Chanel’s arty style, but there’s plenty to choose from, so get back to school stat!!

Star motifs
It’s all about wearing your words this spring instead.

Shoes with plastic details
That was so 2103. Besides sweaty feet are definitely not in fashion.

Knee length denim shorts
Worse than mum jeans.

Floral corsages
They looked tacky at prom – how is attaching them to expensive accessories any better?

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