What’s Hot and What’s Not this week…

What's Hot and What's Not, Style, Trends, Fashion, Spring/Summer 2014, Dior

This subtle detail has been spotted on everything from shirts to dresses this season.

Aka the Little Printed Dress, it’s spring’s version of the Little Black Dress.

Exotic skin shoes
It’s all about exotic skin styles from flats to sexy sandals.

Polka dot accessories
Who else loves Hogan x Katy Grand’s polka dot heels?

Embellished bustiers
We wouldn’t even recommend them for the bedroom!

Chunky belts
Contrary to popular belief, a thick band around your waist does not make you appear slimmer.

Embroidered smocks
There’s a fine line between chic festival gear and looking like a backpacker.

They don’t have the same dramatic effect in sweltering heat do they?

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