What’s Hot and What’s Not this week…

What's Hot and What's Not, Style, Trends, Fashion, Autumn/Winter 2014, Celine, Hong Kong

Portrait collars
Super sexy and very autumn/winter 2014 (see Celine)

The retro shift
Everyone wants Louis Vuitton’s version for autumn.

Eyes and lips
Appearing on everything from tops to shoes. Who said the evil eye was passe?

The choker
The only jewellery you need to accessorise your summer dresses.

Aka a pair of shorts with a fabric panel on the front. Way too schoolgirl (and not in a  good way).

Head-to-toe green
We’re all for colour but not when you look like a Leprechaun.

Thigh high slits
It’s all about the demure midi skirt.

Melissa jelly shoes
Yes they may be good for the rain, but the small is just not worth it.

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