Men’s Fashion and Holiday Style with Mr Porter’s Dan May

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Berluti overcoat (left) and Car Shoe boots (right)

New season, new everything. We sat down with Mr Porter’s style director Dan May to find out what you should (and shouldn’t) be wearing this season and some tips on holiday style.

How has men’s style evolved in the past few years?

Menswear has benefitted from a liberal approach to dressing in general, and designers have seen this opportunity for growth in the market by providing more of a variety.

Men are willing to take risks. The professional environment has become more open and men are able to express their individuality in a freer manner and the easiest way to convey this is through fashion.

Men also have learnt to mix fashion genres, creating new trends. This may be formal and street wear or leisurewear and high street fashion. Whatever it may be, I see men feeling less constrained in their day-to-day dressing.

What’s your favourite Autumn/Winter 2014 trend?

Gilets – they are a great styling piece and winter wardrobe staple.

What wardrobe essentials should every man own?

A great overcoat because it’s stylish and practical. I love this seasons’ oversized options.

Must-have item this season?

Leather lace up boots by Car Shoe.

Yes or no to male bling?

Minimal male bling is ok.

Top designer pick?

Baby llama and wool blend coat by Berluti.

Designer to watch and why?

Alessandro Sartori at Berluti with his talent for unique shapes and wonderful fabrics.

What’s your take on the sneaker trend?

It’s safe to say more designers have taken their cues from the gym in recent seasons. That said, you won’t ever find a man in finance wearing sneakers to work, although I believe this trend will be one that will continue for seasons to come.

Men’s formal wear can be very boring – do you have any tips on how to spice up the look for the upcoming holiday season?

There’s been a shift in eveningwear in recent years, in which the tuxedo has become more playful and accessible. Designers are using different fabrics like jacquard and velvet, in jewel tones, midnight blues, and even burgundy, to break-up the traditional look.

Tuxedo jackets can mix with skinny jeans, and various dinner jackets can pair well with simple black tuxedo pants. Scrap the tie and slip into sneakers or a pair of velvet slippers to add or lose your own elements of eveningwear.  The modern day red-carpet greats like Tom Ford, Gucci, Burberry and Dolce &Gabbana still lead the way, but now there’s McQueen, Valentino and Spencer Hart too.

How do you define style?

Nothing is more stylish than a man comfortable in his own skin and an aesthetic to match. A stylish man is someone who embraces his lifestyle in what he does and what he wears. If it seems forced then it doesn’t work. Style in all its forms cannot be simply bought or acquired it should be effortless and executed with confidence.

Best style advice?

Avoid looking like you tried too hard to dress down. It should look effortless and if you’re in any doubt that you might have tried to hard you probably have so remove something!


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