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Time After Time: Audemars Piguet’s Millenary Watch

Audemars Piguet, Millenary, Watches, Timepieces, Switzerland, Luxury, Freida Pinto, Fashion, Style, Accessories

Audemars Piguet’s new Millenary campaign

Luxury watches have always been considered a man’s domain but that is fast changing, as more women con[……]

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Creatures of Comfort: Gram shoes

Gram, Shoes, Sneakers, Comfort, Stockholm, Sweden, Alexis Holm, Accessories, Footwear, Hong Kong, fashion, Style

They say the Swedes do it better. Ok, so it may not apply to everything but we have to admit that we are partial to chic footwear label Gram, whic[……]

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Jeweller to Know: Sophie Birgitt

Jeweller to Know, Sophie Birgitt, Sophie Birgitt Dubif, Jewellery, Diamonds, Accessories, Fashion, Style, Hong Kong

Kinetic earrings and Reflection ring

Hong Kong has always been a hub for jewellery manufacturing, but in recent years the city has started to a[……]

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The Vine

Five Minutes with handbag designer Sara Battaglia…

Five Minutes, Sara Battaglia, Handbags, Designer, Accessories, Giovanna Battaglia, Fashion, Style, Italy, Hong Kong, On Pedder, Interview

Is it just me or have handbags become boring? Over the past few years every brand has adopted a “less is more” approach, taking the fun out of acc[……]

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Local Encounters: Sau

Local Encounters, Sau, Clothing, Fashion, Hong Kong, Cheryl Lau, Style, Trends, Autumn/Winter 2015, China

Highlights from autumn/winter 2015 include the Isla shirt (far left)

Four years ago Hong Kong seemed stuck in a rut when it came to local fashi[……]

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