What’s Hot and What’s Not This Week…

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Lingerie-style dresses
Who else is obsessed with Celine and Givenchy’s slip dresses?

Lace up tops
This trend started on skirts and has now moved upwards courtesy of designers like Pucci.

Camera bags
It fits in with the grunge vibe happening this season.

The luxe hoody
It’s been updated with luxe fabrics and couture silhouettes this season.

Vetements DHL Tees          
Ok we get it, they’re hot right now, but why do you want to look like a delivery guy?

Prairie-style ruffled blouses
Great on the catwalks, a bit too Princess Diana circa 1980s in real life.

Wide legged cropped trousers
Full length styles are hard enough to pull off…

Boyfriend jeans
We never liked them even when they were cool.

One Response to What’s Hot and What’s Not This Week…

  1. vicki says:

    wide leg cropped trouser NOT good even for very tall girls?

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