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Dream Weavers: Narrative Made

Dream Weavers, Narrative Made, Sharon de Lyster, Asia, Craftsmanship, Fashion, Style, Sustainable, Hong Kong

Narrative Made’s Autumn/Winter 2016/7 collection

Western fashion labels have traded on their craftsmanship for years but now the work of artisa[……]

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George Blue: Flip Flops Go Luxe

George Blue, Flip Flops, Luxury, Shoes, Exotic Skins, Leather, Fashion, Style, Craftsmanship, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore

Iguana Blue (left) and Burnt Orange Croco (right)

Since we are still on the topic of holiday essentials, I have been on the lookout for flip fl[……]

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The Vine

Exclusive Video: Getting Crafty with the Sella bag

It’s no secret that Tod’s must-have bag this season is the Sella, thanks to its easy yet unique shape, and cool palette of colours and leathers. Befor[……]

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Ottoman Treasures: Gilan Jewellery

Gilan, Turkey, Istanbul, Fine Jewellery, Jewellers, Craftsmanship, Diamonds, Cintemani

Rose-cut diamond and citrine earrings

I have always considered the French the finest jewellers in the world, until I visited Turkey a few month[……]

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